Published on 27 Juillet 2016

What does leadership consist of?
Jean-Paul Berthomé: The question is not asked enough. Depending on the activity, leadership applies differently. There's the physical leader - For example, in a political or military context, where physical presence is very important.There's the leader as opposed to the manager. In a work environment, I would make a difference between leadership and management, like we're taught in business school. A good manager has an ability to guide people in a democratic way, whereas a leader is someone that everyone agrees with without question. You can be a team leader without being the leader. The leader won't favor one team over another. The leader leads all the teams. His role is to be fair. 

Becoming a leader has to be deserved...
Jean-Paul Berthomé:
Absolutely! For example, my father leaving the company wasn’t enough to make me the new leader. I had to work, I

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