Published on 09 Mai 2016

So what does "Innovation" mean at Expanscience?
Jean-Paul Berthomé: Innovation can happen at our labs as much as it can come from outside. When it comes to internal innovation, let's talk about our R&D center in Epernon which is dedicated to new active principles as well as skincare cosmetics. Expanscience has had its research laboratory since 1957. But when the initial site wasn't functional enough we decided to open a new centre, which we inaugurated in 2000. This new center gave us larger capacity and was up to standards. This is where we do research on oils of plant origin, dermocosmetics and active principles.

This R&D center then lead you toward Corporate Social Responsibility... And it's been 10 years now. Tell us about this journey.
Jean-Paul Berthomé: Indeed, we were working on plant extractions, and these plants came from the Amazon rainforest and Africa, so we felt it was necessary

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